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Scottish Folds Miami Waitlist

In order to join our waitlist, a nonrefundable deposit of $250 is required.  This will be placed towards the final purchase price of your kitten.  


We will notify you at around 4 weeks of age when we know if the ears are folded or straight.  You may choose to pass and hold your spot on the waitlist if there are no kittens matching your preferences in the current litter. 


Please verify that you are NOT allergic to cats before inquiring because refunds will not be given due to allergies.


Deposits to hold your place in line are nonrefundable. You can pass on a kitten 2 times before you forfeit your deposit.

If you would like to join our waitlist, please fill out the below form and we will contact you for the deposit.  Please verify you have reviewed our Contract Terms and Condition online prior to submitting the form. You will be required to sign the contract at time of purchase.

You can view payment methods available and select your preferred payment provider.

Age of Cat
Will you pick up the kitten/cat or need delivery? If delivery, you understand there will be added cost for delivery.

Thanks for submitting, we'll be in touch with payment details.

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