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Welcome to Scottish Folds Miami! The home of Hennessy the Scottish Straight and Jameson the Scottish Fold. 

We are finally up and running with our new website and adorable kittens!  

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About Us



ScottishFoldsMiami is a small cattery in the heart of South Florida registered with TICA.  Our kittens are all raised in doors and we are here to provide exceptional service for the new owners. From our small beginnings, we are here to make your experience buying your new kitten a pleasant and easy one.  While we’re proud of our small cattery, our commitment to the health and quality of your pet guides everything we do.

Scottish Folds are a beautiful, fluffy, loving, playful and adorable breed with unforgettable expressions. They are people friendly and usually the center of attention. The best part of Scottish Folds is that they are like lap dogs.  Once you sit down, they come and sit on your lap!  Because our kittens are raised in home with children, visitors and a dog, our kittens are super friendly and playful.   


The History of Scottish Folds

In 1961 a shepherd by the name of William Ross spotted the first known Scottish Fold cat at a farm near Coupar Angus in the Tayside Region of Scotland, Northwest of Dundee.  The breed developed from a kitten named Susie found near a barn with folded ears giving the impression of a pixie or teddy bear.


By 1978 the Scottish Fold had captured the hearts of American cat lovers and was granted Championship status by The Cat Fanciers’ Association.

There are 2 types of Scottish Folds, the Folded ear and the Straight ear. The Folded ear comes from an incomplete dominate gene that resulted in a spontaneous mutation causing the folded ears. 


All Scottish Folds are born with straight ears.  After 3 or 4 weeks their ears will start to fold or stay straight. 2 folded ears cannot be breed together as it will cause all kinds of deformities and can even cause death.  Scottish Folds must be bred with a Straight ear.  It’s also impossible to predict which kittens have the folded ears.